The Sammamish Heritage Society would like to express their appreciation, and recognize the following organizations, businesses, and individuals for their contributions to the success of this website.

4 Culture Logo4Culture - We want to thank 4Culture for providing the grant money to pay for the remodeling of the Sammamish Heritage Society website.

Phil Dougherty - For his countless hours of writing and telling the stories of Sammamish's history.

The City of Sammamish - For their contribution of the photo of the men on ice on Lake Sammamish, taken in 1950.


- James T. Windle (letter to SHS)

The Sammamish Heritage Society - For their photos, stories, and knowledge of the history of Sammamish.

And the following individuals...
Doug Anderson
Jack Barker
Lou Tanska Bischoff
Ruby Eddy
Eric Erickson
Dirk Forbes
Rose Harig
Tom Hitzroth
Chris Klineburger
Duane Isackson
Mick Macko
Lorraine Isackson Mills
Faye Sween
Paul Thomas

The Langsen Group Icon Logo The Langsen Group - Web Design
- Designed and built The new Sammamish Heritage Society website. They are located in Sammamish, Washington.



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